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Small Talk: Sobs

by | 1 Dec, 2017 | Featured, Magazine, Small Talk

It was as if they appeared out of thin air. Earlier this year, Sobs released their debut EP ‘Cat Flap’, a collection of six tracks filled with that all indie pop wonder we desired. Concocted with the sugary sweetness of Celine’s vocals, and the perfect melodies by Raphael and Jared, ‘Catflap’ naturally became one of our favourite releases of the year. Needless to say, we had to invite them to be part of our 12th birthday party. And needless to say, we were overjoyed when they said yes. We met and had a conversation with the threesome to suss them out a little…

What was the inspiration behind the name ‘Sobs’?
Celine: I kept saying sobs as a response to everything, so we thought it would be a good band name and we kinda just stuck with it.

Jared: Before Sobs I was making lots of sort of electronic music. I guess I got bored of it at the time and really wanted to Play Some Guitar!!! I was talking with Raphael early this year about bands we enjoy like Frankie Cosmos and Crying and we started writing some guitar-based stuff together, it didn’t quite work out but I think that was what sparked some of the writing for the initial Sobs demos.

What were the challenges getting the band together, recording, releasing, and getting gigs?
C: With writing, I don’t think we’ve ever forcefully churned material out for the sake of it, so the songs always rolled out really naturally. We never set boundaries when we write, so sometimes, even the outcome surprises me. I felt that way especially with the latest song we wrote, it’s definitely something different to the Sobs sound. Come to the show if you wanna hear it ;););)

What are your thoughts about the local music scene? If there’s something you could change what would it be?
C: Would be cool to have more bands and more variety in sound!
J: Yes, more bands, everyone should start a band.

What are Celine, Raph & Jared like at parties? Who’s the crazy one? Who’s the awkward one? Who’s the thirsty one?
R: I don’t remember a single thing from the last time I was at a party with them…
C: I’m literally none of the above lmao, Raphael was W I L D though
J: Raphael loves alcohol.
R: I don’t know what alcohol is.


What was your first time at Poptart like?
R: It was yeaaaaaars ago but I was so happy to be at a indie-pop club night! When Adrian and Robin played Serenaide’s The Girl From Katong’ I knew that I stepped into the right place.
C: Oh, funny story. My first Eatmepoptart party was sometime earlier this year, where Subsonic Eye and Disco Hue played. It was also the night I was first introduced to Raphael by Jared! I remember how ecstatic he was when he heard the very first demo of Girl. It was around this time the Sobs Magic started to happen.
J: My first Poptart was the same one Celine mentioned, really enjoyed both bands’ sets. I also met Bo (from Cosmic Child) there for the first time. He currently plays bass for us live.

What’s next for the band?
R: Our show at the Eatmepoptart 12th birthday party will be our last show of the year, but next year is going to be a really fun one. We’re planning a couple of shows in Asia with our favorite bands, working on releasing a full-length and hopefully a US tour later in the year.

What can we expect at the party on 16 December?
R: We’re so excited for the party – been looking forward to it for months now. Someone tweeted us a while ago saying “y’all just gonna play the same 5 songs smh”, but you have our word that we’ll be playing those songs and many many many more that we’ve been keeping under wraps… shhhhh. We’re also [finally] bringing along some merch done by our pal Sandy and can’t wait to share them with you!


Sobs perform at ‘Do You Remember The First Time? 12 Years of Eatmepoptart‘ on 16 December, Esplanade Annexe. Click here to get your tickets.

Many thanks to Bekah Mah for assistance in the story.