Rhye, Slowdive, The Summer State

by | 30 Oct, 2017 | Featured, Magazine, Music

Hello it’s Monday! That means we have some new music to share with you. Have a great week ahead kids!

Rhye – ‘Taste’
As we brace ourselves for the follow-up album to Rhye’s Woman album, the band has recently released a new single ‘Taste’. It’s a little playful, filled with the signature falsetto-driven vocals by Mike Milosh, subtly building all the elements into a pleasurable end.


Slowdive – ‘Don’t Know Why’

‘Don’t Know Why’ is one of our favourite tracks from Slowdive’s self-titled comeback album, and the accompanying music video, directed by Grant Singer, is quite a strange one- it starts off with husky running in a field and moves to a couple at a beach and then ends with a girl having a not very good day. We are not going to spend our Monday analysing this so let’s just enjoy the awesome camera work and the music.


The Summer State – ‘Gone’
It’s been almost four years since their last release, but The Summer State’s new single ‘Gone’, has shown that the band has lost none of their shine over the years. A anthemic pop-punk number with catchy riffs and an addictive chorus that pulls you right into the middle of the moshpit, ‘Gone’ also marks an end of an era for the band- with the news of the departure of members Bryan and Ritz.

The Summer State – Two for the Road EP launch performance is on 12 November 2017 at EBX Live Space.
Tickets available here: ticketflap.com/tsstwofortheroad