Meet The Popettes: Reese, Swenn

Meet The Popettes: Reese, Swenn

by | 31 Aug, 2017 | Magazine, Popettes

The most important thing at all the Eatmepoptart parties is the people who turn up. Watching you guys pull shapes on the dancefloor is what keeps the music playing, and what keeps us going. From the club kids to the curious cats, from the rock stars to the pop princesses, we get to know a little more about the kids we meet on the dancefloor, one Popette at a time.

 & Swenn are a crazy pair that we’re more than happy to have at our party. They also have pretty interesting logic when it comes to hiding a body.

Most useless talent?
Swenn: My talent? Gaming. PC GAMING. It’s not gonna get me anywhere.
Reese: I can speak like Stitch. *Does a very convincing Stitch voice*
S: YES. Everytime we go to Kbox, she speaks in that voice and I never get sick of it. I always enjoy it.

If you had to hide a body, where would hide it?
R: My stomach. So it’ll be gone. Forever.
S: Sink it at the bottom of the ocean. All evidence will be destroyed.
R: Wait, but the body will float to the surface.
S: Oh yeah, but evidence will still be destroyed!

What is one thing you said that you wished you could take back?
R: What is one thing you said that you wished you could take back? “Alright I’ll take the job” … kidding.
S: No regrets. At that point of time, you really wanted it.

We met Reese & Swenn in August 2017 at Electric Love, Cherry Discotheque.