Meet The Popettes: Eugene

Meet The Popettes: Jamie

by | 3 Nov, 2017 | Featured, Magazine, Popettes

The most important thing at all the Eatmepoptart parties is the people who turn up. Watching you guys pull shapes on the dancefloor is what keeps the music playing, and what keeps us going. From the club kids to the curious cats, from the rock stars to the pop princesses, we get to know a little more about the kids we meet on the dancefloor, one Popette at a time.

Jamie thinks mainstream boys = lamestream. Also, we love that you’re asking for some great music at our party. Jamie, we heard you and we heart you. We dub thee Sugar Kane and Sonic Youth it is at the next Poptart!

Do you remember the first time?
I could have been under-aged…wait ..freshly 18. Snap. I met my cousin there and he tried to hit on my friend because she’s was conventionally pretty. I’m unconventionally unpretty. F*k mainstream boys!

Two truths one lie
I first attended Eatmepoptart when I was underage. I was arrested for shoplifting at Sephora. All my clothes are from Taobao.

Stripes or Polka dots?
Polka dots. Stripes are so passé.

Who is your favourite local act?
Specific Islander. The bassist is my best friend’s boyfriend so I’m obligated to like them. They do tropical pop music.
I wished Poptart will play more stuff from bands like New Order, Sonic Youth and Blondie. Keep the regulars excited, not just cater to the millennials. Wait, I embrace the term ‘millennials’..we can’t shake it off*.

*pun intended?

We met Jamie in October 2017 at Electric Feel, Cherry Discotheque.