Local Motion Spotlight: Disco Hue, Jasmine Sokko, Lost Weekend

by | 11 Sep, 2017 | Magazine, Music

Oh hai! For this week’s Monday music, we feature the bands that are performing at the upcoming Local Motion festival.

Disco Hue – ‘I’ll Be Waiting’
We have to admit, one year on, very much like Haribo candy, ‘I’ll Be Waiting’ is still our go to video for a feel-good guilty pleasure. The video, which has a very cheeky video game tribute, perfectly captures the vibe of the track. The track stands firmly as an Eatmepoptart staple, and we are proud to be in their proximity!

Jasmine Sokko – ‘Porcupine’ 

Jasmine has been in our radar since we heard the amazing ‘1057’ last year- which has also been a permanent resident in the Eatmepoptart playlists. Her recently released video for ‘Porcupine’, taken from the upcoming EP , is filled with her signature aesthetic of dull palettes, stylish masks, and has a new addition of a choreographed dance.  Every new release by Jasmine makes our heart flutter a bit more, and we’s all so eager in anticipation of the new EP!


Lost Weekend – ‘Mornings’
Lost Weekend’s self-titled album was released two years ago, and our favourite number ‘Mornings’ fully encapsulates the band’s modus operandi – power pop with the saccharine-fueled vocals perfect for chasing the blues, in all forms and shades, away. We absolutely can’t wait for new material from the band!


Disco Hue, Jasmine Sokko & Lost Weekend will perform at Local Motion on 23 September 2017 at Fort Gate.
Click here for event details!