Best of 2017

by | 27 Dec, 2017 | Featured, Magazine, Music

2017 was a roller coaster year of music. The few good ones were remarkable and there was quite a fair bit of rubbish.
Eatmepoptart residents KiDG & weelikeme share with us their top album picks of the year,


The xx – I See You
Our favourite London trio finally returns with an impressive third album that sees them shedding their hushed and intimate-sounding brand of indietronics in favour for a more richly textured and upbeat vibe, courtesy of producer Jamie XX. But yet, the band still managed to continue lyrically the mournful tales of romantic disappointments and inward-searching. Breathtakingly good.



Alvvays – Antisocialites
Difficult second album syndrome? Not with Toronto’s indie quintet, Alvvays! In what’s their strongest release to date, these talented peeps managed to roll the perfect blend of twee, lo-fi, surf, dream-pop into one neat joint that will drill into your subconscious the moment you hear it. Singer Molly Rankin also possess a beautiful voice that will wow & swoon you. If there’s one indie pop album you need to listen to, let it be Antisocialites.


Arcade Fire – Everything Now
Despite of the mixed reviews that are out there for Arcade Fire’s fifth album, I personally like Everything Now quite a lot. From that Abba-sounding piano intro of the title track, to the groovy nature of songs like Electric Blue and Signs Of Life, this record is a joy from start to finish. And I also love how conceptually it all ties in together. Definitely better than the previous album that’s Reflektor.


Cigarettes After Sex – Cigarettes After Sex
What started off as a Bandcamp project which eventually morphed into a full-fledged band, the rise of ambient popsters Cigarettes After Sex is forthcoming. With a style draws from the throwback chill of Mazzy Star, Galaxie 500 and Drugstore, their music just managed to strike a chord with many folks all over the world. This debut album is perfect for listening to at night, and singer Greg Gonzalez’s voice will woo and sensualize you to dreamland.


Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions – Until The Hunter
Speaking of Mazzy Star, singer Hope Sandoval is back with The Warm Inventions (that includes Colm Ó Cíosóig from My Bloody Valentine) for a brand new album. Titled Until The Hunter, it features Sandoval’s signature smoky voice and dreamy sound. Key track “Let Me Get There” even features a cameo from the uber-cool, Kurt Vile, whose appearance helped make this tune sound like the perfect indie duet of this year.



MY PICKS: weelikeme

Lorde – Melodrama
Following the success of 2013’s hugely successful debut Pure Heroine, top-drawer expectations were demanded of Lorde’s follow-up. Melodrama surpassed all those expectations and quelled any doubts of her musical greatness. A sorta coming-of-age album, Melodrama reflects the drama and turmoil of her next stage of life as a 20-something with euphoric and chilling effectiveness.

Alvvays – Antisocialites

Antisocialites is THE indie-pop album of the year. A perfect jangle-pop release that conjures all the feel-good endorphins to give you days and days of positive emotions, Alvvays hits the spot with one of the more stand-out releases to make 2017 a little more bearable.

Wolf Alice – Visions Of A Life
The year looks like one for sophomore albums. Wolf Alice’s Visions Of A Life picks up from where 2015’s My Love Is Cool left off. Currently one of my top Brit bands, fronted by the amazing Ellie Rowsell, styles a sound with tributes to alt rock and shoegaze from the previous decades. The most stand out track, ‘Don’t Delete The Kisses’, is my pick for one of the best tracks of the year, highlighting the greatness of the band.

The xx – I See You

I believe The xx’s third album I See You has propelled the band into their next level of greatness. A more organic sounding release, intelligently using vintage samples and giving us a constant head bopping and yet emotional journey throughout.

Sobs – Catflap / Jasmine Sokko – No
This has been a strong and surprising year of local releases. Out of the many impressive material we’ve heard, the debut EPs by Sobs and Jasmine Sokko sticks out the highest. Jasmine Sokko was already a gem when No was released. Comprising of her earlier singles ‘1057’ and ‘H2O’, it was the new track ‘Porcupine’ that really showed her prowess. Sobs appeared from our blind spots and hit us with an equally fantastic release Catflap– an indie-pop pack that leaves us yearning for more.

Here you go, Eatmepoptart’s ‘Best of 2017’ Spotify playlist!