Beck, Fischerspooner, Shame

by | 22 Jan, 2018 | Featured, Magazine, Music

Hello Monday! Here are our music picks for the week.

Fischerspooner – ‘TopBrazil’
Co-written with R.E.M’s Michael Stipe, ‘TopBrazil’ follows a string of new tracks by Fischerspooner over the past few months with an upcoming album in the works. The track is a dancefloor-friendly electro number and the video is borderline NSFW with a lot of half-naked men short of showing their man bits.


Beck – ‘Fix Me’
The cuteness runs endlessly in this video. Beck + a chubby toddler + dogs is what we all really need in our lives and ‘Fix Me’ ticks that box.


shame – Songs Of Praise
We’re really enjoying Songs of Praise. shame, made up of five lads from London, deliver a solid album that dips head first into the punk DIY ethos. Rock n roll is truly alive and shame proves that!


Listen to Songs of Praise here.



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